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Promoteur Immobilier Nice

Rivaprim’s business is focused on the Côte d’Azur, an area loved with a passion by its employees, and known qually well. The company is small and friendly, boasting extremely qualified and experienced teams. They completely master the realities of the property market and enjoy a perfect understanding of the local population and market trends. This expertise provides a choice of the best locations and the most suitable projects in terms of amenities and value for money.
• Well-informed expert teams
• Tried and tested knowledge of the Côte d’Azur
• Unique access to local resources

The support and resources of a large group

Rivaprim SOGEPROM is a subsidiary of the Société Générale SOGEPROMand federates first-rate local businesses. This combined expertise is used to provide pertinent solutions in line with key market expectations. With SOGEPROM, Rivaprim builds partnerships with local authorities creating global and ambitious think-tanks and improving living conditions. Homely atmospheres and environmentally sound homes are prioritized.

• Coverage throughout the region
• Nearly 2,900 homes built*
• Over 96,000m² of offices and commercial properties *
• An investment of nearly 1 billion euros*
*2011 figures

Local identity, national outreach

Rivaprim is proud of its attachment to its favorite region: the Côte d’Azur. As a subsidiary of SOGEPROM, the company also enjoys a clear overall view of the market and its trends for the short, mid and long-term. This two-fold approach enables it to anticipate customer expectations and offer the best value for money in select environments with, as its leitmotif, the permanent aim of improving quality of life.

* Programme neuf

Each program is unique

No two developments are alike. From the very beginning of the construction process, our aim is to create a living environment perfectly in line with our buyers and their aspirations. Each person must recognize the building blocks of their personality and character in the development. This requires the meticulous selection of sites, architectural considerations, rigorous and adapted design, optimized interiors and exteriors, the use of high quality materials and more.
Thanks to the company’s rare vision, Rivaprim hunts out the best solutions throughout the construction process. Compliance is to the strictest standards…
• BBC building standards…
• HQE certification…
• Sustainably designed architecture and energy…
• Exquisite materials…
• High tech equipment

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